Aviana Aerial Yoga Hammocks


Aviana Aerial Yoga Hammocks are available in single or double point. This means either one or two attachment points to your ceiling. The 36″ multiple link and 7 yards of fabric accommodate a restorative practice along with ceilings that are over 8 feet high.

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Aviana Aerial Yoga is an international yoga company offering specialized aerial yoga teacher training, consulting, programming, and retreats.

Aviana Aerial Yoga Hammocks are available in single or double points of anchor to your ceiling. Longer multiple links and longer fabric accommodate a restorative practice as well as higher ceilings. Assembly is required with the Aviana Aerial Yoga Hammock.

* The Aviana packages only include the hammock equipment. You may need span sets to attach your hammock to your ceiling point(s).

Single Point

1 36″ multiple link
7 yards of fabric
3 oval carabiners
1 9″ runner
1 Swivel

Double Point

2 36″ multiple links
7 yards of fabric
2 oval carabiners

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 5 in

Single Point, Double Point


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